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About Us

Maino“Tintoria Filati Maino Pietro” was founded in 1960. Peter and his three sons: Pasqualino Bruno and Adelio led the company, initially in the dyeing cotton skein.
After the death of the owner, his children continued the business by increasing the production with the introduction of dye into the yarns and the beams, enlarging the field of finishing into technical, artificial and mixed fibers.

In the early 80s, with the third generation of Peter’s grandchildren, the company has a new drive. Increasing the production thanks to wise investments in machinery, technology and qualified staff: making it more versatility in dipping and also in rapid services. Their attention to details continues to strive once again towards the dyeing of synthetic and technical fibers.

Still believing strongly in their work, in a period of textile market downturn, the company decided to invest expanding the production area: buying modern IT equipment and enlarging the laboratory which is the heart of the company for the constant research they order providing their customers with high quality, guaranteeing and certifying their production.

Tintura-DSC01307Professionalism, experience and love for this job have been embroidered in the work we do. “Tintoria filati Maino” wants to show how important they are in the field of yarn processing and finishing using high quality and technology instruments.
With more than 50 years of experience and a well-developed and well-established network of companies, which cooperate with us. We are able to provide cutting edge advice in chemical and textile industry.
Our future  will be continuously investing in technology and training.