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LAB-OffResearch and Development Laboratory and Certifications
The internal laboratory uses the most modern instrumental technologies and computer technologies, providing their customers with instrumental readings, fastness analysis to the light, to the washing and to the rubbing, the archiving of every range of products, guaranteeing a chronological and dedicated storage for each customer.
In our company, the lab becomes a key part of our customer's experience and it is the starting point of every process, from receiving the seri plane to  the 2 sample bobbins in autoclave.
Complying with customers’ requirements, the best dyes are applied to meet quality, reproducibility and strength standards using certified raw materials in accordance with current standards.

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COL OffFinishing natural yarns
The company treats natural yarns (such as cotton or linen), synthetic (polyamide, polyester, acrylic etc.), artificial (viscose) and their blends. Moreover, we are specialized in high tech thread dyeing  for fire resistant products (flame retardant properties) cut resistant, abrasion, Nomex®, Kevlar® and their blends(Para aramid, Meta aramid etc.), modified acrylic,  microfibre polyester, high tenacity yarns (nylon).

Magazino DSCF0042

MAG OffCustomized service and warehouse
“Tintoria Filati Maino Pietro” has their own lorries for any pickups or deliveries in the area and it also offer to its customers a storage, packaging and shipment service.
The company also provides the preparation of perforated bobbins for dyeing and after the dyeing process, the winding yarn and eventually to waxing.
We are at your disposal for any technical or logistical clarifications.